Lauren Adams

Lauren started dancing at the age of six and studied various forms of dance including Ballet, Modern, Tap and National as she was growing up.

She trained at the First Tower School of Dancing in Jersey where she worked through all of the RAD and ISTD exam grades and took part in many inter-island competitions.

Lauren then left Jersey in 2006 to attend Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom where she attained the Trinity College London National Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre.

On leaving the college she decided to follow her dream to become a fully qualified dance teacher and open her own school and in 2012 she opened LJA Academy. The Academy has been a great success from day one.

Lauren believes that dance allows individuals to discover and develop their natural instinct for movement and express their personality. The Academy welcomes all individuals whether they simply just like to dance and perform for fun or whether they wish to take it to a more professional level. All students are taught ISTD grade work and are encouraged to take the relevant exams and complete in local competitions.